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Rupam Sarmah is an engineer, film director, singer-songwriter, award-winning producer, #1 Billboard Artist (Together in Peace, 2017) and Guinness World Record® holder. Rupam’s goal is to uplift consciousness in the world with creative work that delivers the message of Humanity, World Peace and Love with music as the vehicle.

Rupam created a Guinness World Record® composing and directing a Symphony, A Musical Journey for World Peace, with 315 unique musical instruments from all over the world and over 500 performers on the stage.

Rupam  has  received thousands of technical and performance credits, written screenplay, songs  in  various  languages, and film  scores for  over  20 years. The  film, In  Search  of  God,  Directed  by  Rupam,  has  received  a  number  of international awards in music and film including Best  Documentary Feature Film at Indian Film Festival in the USA. In Search of God – Original Music Score was included in the Oscar® long nominations and acquired by Oscar® library.

For his next movie project, Rupam is Directing a feature film One Little Finger to bring awareness about disability, focusing on Ability in Disability.The film will be released in 2018. Rupam has collaborated with artists around the world in various Genres — World, Jazz, New Age, Classical, Folk, Gospel, Instrumental and others — to bring uniqueness in his compositions and creative styles. 

Rupam has worked on World Peace through Media Initiatives Project, Together in Peace,  Action Moves People United with UNESCO. Rupam is the Producer and board member of UNESCO USA. Rupam has received a number of awards in Music, Film, and Human Rights. Rupam received “Builder of the Universe” award from UNESCO USA and UNESCO Center for Peace, and has been working as a Cross-Cultural Ambassador since 2016.

As an Engineer, Executive, and media professional, Rupam has also worked for successful technology startups to top media companies managing worldwide organizations, designing systems and products. Rupam is a Voting member of Grammy® as a Musician, Producer and Engineer since 2005.


“If only we could find acceptance, compassion, and love for each other regardless of religion, race, color, identity, the world would be a better place. We each have a choice of what we choose to focus on and that can make a world of a difference… a different world. How much we give is not a function of how much we have, but how big and open our heart is.” ~ Rupam

Contact Rupam:  music at rupamsarmah.net


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