Artwork final 4 1400 v4 cdbaby  PREVIEW     BUY Music Album: World Music   talk to God  PREVIEW AND BUY Gospel Song: Nona Brown and Rupam Sarmah   DVD_600_RGB_amazon_VOD_1200x1600 GWR1 PREVIEW AND BUY Guinness World Record® Symphony: Live Performance / Music Film   iTunes_ISOG_CoverArt2  PREVIEW AND BUY In Search of God: Film Score   ISOG_dvd_cover  PREVIEW AND BUY In Search of God: Film 10411008_10204528519194727_6465294658243760149_n               Inspirational Album: Angel Blessings   Rupam has received hundreds of credits worldwide in performance, technical/engineering, songwriting, film score, video, film production, music arrangement, and screenplay. Some of the artists that Rupam has worked with: Alan Roy Scott, Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Padmashri Sumitra Guha, Laura Sullivan, Brian Vibberts, Rocio Marron, Nona Brown, Oscar Autie, Kevin Mackie, Ricky Kej, Alex Otey, Kevin Mackie, Ken Koshio, Udit Narayan, Kumar Shanu, Usha Utthup, Babul Suprio, Sadhna Sargam, Anupama, Rupankar, Anwesha, Matthias Muller, Subhen Chatterjee, Jonathan Kay, and many others. wikipedia