Guinness World Record® by Rupam Sarmah and his team 

Rupam created a Guinness World Record® composing and directing a Symphony, A Musical Journey for World Peace, with 315 unique musical instruments from all over the world and over 500 performers on the stage.

A Musical Journey for World Peace (Short Trailer 4 min)

A Musical Journey for World Peace (Rupam Sarmah and his team) Full Video

In Search of God (Docu Feature Film)    

Best Documentary Award     Oscar® 2011     Oscar® Library 

In Search of God – Trailer

“The transformative journey of an American woman who finds deeper meaning in her life after traveling to a mystical island in India where the inhabitants use artistic expression as a means for communing with God.”

Other feature films:

Sagar Kinare (Film Score), Alor Thikana (Film Score), and others

Film in pre-production:

Feature Film (Genre: Drama/Musical, Language: English): (status: filming) (Direction and Screenplay by Rupam)  – This is going to be a realistic film with a theme of ‘Ability in Disability’. It’s going to be a unique film from many aspects — shooting locations in India and USA — that’s all we can tell you right now. Stay tuned!

Here is one of our lead characters: Times of India news.